John Howarth

John Howarth for MEP - Labour South East England

Leading Labour’s Challenge in South East England

John Howarth is one of Labour’s leading candidates for the European Parliament. Chosen to lead Labour’s challenge to gain seats by an individual ballot of 20,000 Labour members across South East England, John is committed to working hard for people across the region.

Winning for South East England’s Economy

John has a proven track record of success from his time serving the public as a Councillor in Berkshire and later in Reading. He was responsible for leading campaigns that brought nearly £1 billion pounds into infrastructure improvements in the Thames Valley and supported investment in projects in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire as a member of the South East Regional Transport Board that advised the last Government.  

An MEP Who WILL Do Things Differently

A ‘self-made’ businessman who has run a small company for nearly twenty years, John is married with two grown up children and a teenage step-daughter. John worked full-time for the Labour Party for several years before embarking on his career in business in 1989, since then he has never been a full-time politican and has always had a ‘proper job’.

John says: “As your MEP jobs and the needs of the economy in our area will be my top priority. I want to see sustainable growth in South East England from which everyone can benefit. I believe in Britain and that British people are more free, more prosperous, stronger and more secure because of our membership of the European Union. I believe that British people deserve the same rights and freedoms as the French, German and Italian neighbours and I will work to protect those rights.”

Here are five good reasons for backing John and Labour for a better Europe.   


Journalism and Blog Posts


John has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. This site continues to feature many of John’s articles, including his writing on politics, travel, entertainment and his newspaper columns. Many of these articles feature on other sites around the world-wide-web and traditional published sources. The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Labour Party. They include some satirical content. 

Loud Music


Albion Terrace is an originals rock band in which John writes songs and plays guitar. You can find out more about Albion Terrace and keep in touch by ‘liking’ the band’s Facebook page by following the band on Twitter or if you really want to know by listening to us play live at Soundcloud. John dismisses the notion that because he is involved in politics he shouldn’t involve himself in such frivolities, “There is nothing more boring than pompous politicians who have no life outside meetings and take themselves too seriously. It’s nice when people like what we play, but if they don’t, nobody is forcing them to listen to it”, he says.


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