This site is mostly writings and ramblings - and a bit of Photoshop work. I hope you enjoy it and that the articles make you think - but not till it hurts, just a bit.

There's also some stuff about the work I do and the causes with which I'm involved (or have been). It is laughingly and somewhat loosely organised into four blogs:

My politics blog is written from a Labour perspective, mostly. That is the Labour that used to aspire to run the country. However I try to be factual and reasonably objective. I'm well beyond the stage of pretending that one party has all the answers, that politicians can solve everything or that I agree with everything Labour's leaders utter. Despite everything, I'm still Labour because Labour governments and councils improved the lot of my family, their community and people who share my background and because it is has been the only practical vehicle for people who are serious about change that benefits of the many. Besides, I can't think of anything better just yet.

I also write for the Labour Print by Public Impact Blog where there are all sorts of useful things for people interested in political organising as well as some seriously keen print prices.

Everything you can't avoid doing you should enjoy. Food is a must have, I love it and I've written about it off and on. If you write about food you should be able cook yourself. I really believe ANYONE can cook - so I share some of the stuff I do for family, friends and anyone. I'm lucky enough to be able to afford treats at some decent places which I also share here.

Entertainment, broadly speaking was the first thing I really wrote about in a serious way. For what it's worth I'm even qualified in it, though of course your opinion is just as valid as mine (except I'm right, of course). Here you will find stuff on movies, TV, music, sport and anything else that gets us through the night.

I couldn't afford a gap year and I always liked my creature comforts. I am a city creature and like cities. If you want to know how to do South East Asia on $5 a day you are in the wrong place - I haven't a clue. When I travel I like to eat well - so there is a cross over with the food blog. I've not written travel articles for a while - but watch this space.

Oh, and there's this:

I write regularly for the Public Impact Blog where you can read all manner of strange and wonderful stuff some of which some say is rather useful on brands, advertising, marketing and design. Unlike many business blogs it is not written Bizwaffle or Techidegooke but in English.

Albion Terrace is an originals rock band for which I write songs and play guitar. You can find out more about Albion Terrace and keep in touch by 'liking' the band's Facebook page by following the band on Twitter or if you really want to know by listening to us play live at Soundcloud


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