John Howarth

Thanks to Everyone Who Voted Labour

Since the results were declared I have had many messages of commiseration. Thanks, but that’s enough!

The important business of democracy is that people vote. Those who voted Labour at this election – and there were not quite enough of you – played their part and I thank every one of you. Now people of fair mind and good heart need to unite to combat the poison that has been injected into our political water supply by those who would take our country down a very dangerous road. 

These developments illustrate that progressive change is only permanent and secure while people make the case repeatedly and coherently for what’s right.

Needless to say I need to re-configure this site – that may take a little time.


Journalism and Blog Posts


John has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. This site continues to feature many of John’s articles, including his writing on politics, travel, entertainment and his newspaper columns. Many of these articles feature on other sites around the world-wide-web and traditional published sources. The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Labour Party. They include some satirical content. 

John  is looking forward to writing again without the tiresome business of attempting to promote a Party line.

Loud Music

Albion Terrace is an originals rock band in which John writes songs and plays guitar. You can find out more about Albion Terrace and keep in touch by ‘liking’ the band’s Facebook page by following the band on Twitter or if you really want to know by listening to us play live at Soundcloud. John dismisses the notion that because he is involved in politics he shouldn’t involve himself in such frivolities, “There is nothing more boring than pompous politicians who have no life outside meetings and take themselves too seriously. It’s nice when people like what we play, but if they don’t, nobody is forcing them to listen to it”, he says.


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