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I’m finally getting round to updating this site from my European election campaign site. I’m sure you’ll cope for a few more days.

The Woodspeen

Michelin starred chef, John Campbell, gets it right in both architectural and culinary terms at his new West Berkshire gastro pub The Woodspeen.

Henry’s End

An appreciation of Tierry Henry on his retirement and memories of the best display I’ve seen at Reading FC.

In the Bag

Number crunching is fun. No, honest, it is. The FA Cup third round draw set me wondering if my team really has been unlucky in recent years? Here’s how to work it out.

Beating Chelsea

when Newcastle United beat the Blues it’s always a ‘special one’ for me , but not because of him. Here’s why

In Memorium

Of my mother, Freda.

Twitter Ye Not

Social networks once again prove lethal for those who fail to engage their brain. But what was all the fuss about? My take on the Thornberry/White Van Dan Affair

No Time to Triangulate: Labour must stand up for its ideals

The problem is simple. People aren’t sure what Labour stands for. By ducking the fight with UKIP’s xenophobes and racists Labour is missing the opportunity to re-assert its historic purpose. So smoke me a kipper, Ed

History, Man

September 2014 was a historic month for UK politics by any standards. here’s my take on the events which, even if politics has entered a new phase, shows that the old rules apply. My take on events is here.

For the past few months I’ve only been writing occasionally and mainly for other people’s sites, having a holiday and doing some work.

I’ll be continuing to write here independent again of any Party line – not that I made any great effort to ask permission! I like to think that if you are straight in your view people will be mature enough to understand that we are not robots.

The Scottish electorate have delivered their verdict. The history they made was a democratic landmark, though not the kind some had hoped for. It is up to politicians to deliver a result that heals wounds and respects the view of a sizable minority.

The Scottish Question was none of my business I know, but it is far too interesting not to make some observations on the future of a country for which I have a lot of affection and on a referendum question I considered asked and answered

Then just when you thought it was all deeply dull Better Together screwed up and we ended up with a cliff-hanger. It was a campaign during which many on the Yes side seem to be voting in the hope that they would abolish Governments of the right. Here I explain why this was one of the worst reasons to vote for independence because Scotland is nothing like as left-wing as it seems – not if you look at how people actually vote.

Journalism and Blog Posts


John has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. This site continues to feature many of John’s articles, including his writing on politics, travel, entertainment and his newspaper columns. Many of these articles feature on other sites around the world-wide-web and traditional published sources. The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Labour Party. They include some satirical content. 

John  is looking forward to writing again without the tiresome business of attempting to promote a Party line.

Advertising, Marketing Brand and Design

John also writes regularly for the Public Impact Blog where you can read all manner of wonderful stuff some of which is actually rather useful. He also writes for the Labour Print by Public Impact Blog where there are all sorts of useful things for people interested in political organising as well as some seriously keen print prices.

Loud Music

Albion Terrace is an originals rock band in which John writes songs and plays guitar. You can find out more about Albion Terrace and keep in touch by ‘liking’ the band’s Facebook page by following the band on Twitter or if you really want to know by listening to us play live at Soundcloud. John dismisses the notion that because he was/is involved in politics he shouldn’t involve himself in such frivolities, “There is nothing more boring than pompous politicians who have no life outside meetings and take themselves too seriously. It’s nice when people like what we play, but if they don’t, nobody is forcing them to listen to it”, he says.


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