Chris Morris is Dog Backwards

Four Lions – utterly brilliant. The Great Chris Morris’ best work since The Day Today Episodes “Cake” and “Paedophilia“.

Possibly one of the great British films, one of the great comic films and up with Dr Strangelove (and Catch 22 on paper) as the very best in the black/war comedy genre. The most significant post 9-11 work since “24”. I could go on at length about why, but I’ll spare you the pHD.

A multi-cultural work with great performances from some of Britain’s best young acting talent: Waj (Kayvan Novak), Omar (Riz Ahmed), Hassan (Arsher Ali) and Fessal (Adeel Akhtar) along with the not so young, zeal of the convert fake, Barry (Nigel Lindsay). Funny from end to end: “he’s like a Sufi on speed”, typical of the muslim on muslim gags and funny for that reason – because THEY are allowed. Up with Father Ted, Billy Connolly, Kevin Smith or Goodness Gracious Me at their best in that respect. Pythonesque conversations and Tucker-like outbursts in Urdu. Only funny when THEY tell ’em. Set in Sheffield in a climate of worklessness and denied opportunity created by the Tories and their allies during the 1980s alongside the illuminated consumerist dome of Meadowhall. The police are clueless and get the wrong guy, barge into the wrong house. The intelligence is always imperfect, the Special Branch negotiator is just as much a fake as Barry. Why do they do it? Why did the Red Army Faction do it? Deformed ideology, unstable personalities and a climate of hate – just a best guess but we can’t really know, we weren’t there.

Great satire but genuinely scary at times. Most frightening, the scenes of Omar and his family. More frightening when the same M.O. appears on the news in a real terrorist case this evening. Watch, laugh, learn and be somewhat afraid.