In European Elections

In Southampton during the 1999 European Election campaign with Tamara Flanagan, Anne Snelgrove, who went on to be MP for Swindon South which she is contesting for Labour again in 2015, and Mark Watts MEP (oh and someone from Compassion in World Farming dressed as a chicken).


John has worked in some way or other at every European election since 1979.

1999 Labour Candidate – South East England

The first European election under PR. Labour elected Peter Skinner and Mark Watts, the then MEPs for West and East Kent respectively.

John says, “I concentrated my contribution on campaigning around the Thames Valley and Hampshire and was delighted that Reading delivered one of the best results for Labour in the region.”


Campaigning with pensioners in 1999, celebrating the Labour Government’s introduction of free eyetests: vital for identifying glaucoma, spotting macular degeneration and numerous other conditions 


1994 Labour Candidate – Thames Valley

One of the biggest swings in the country from the 1992 General Election brought Labour within a whisker of taking a seat that it had not targeted. John’s majorities in all three of his local government elections were larger than the majority against him across seven UK constituencies!

This election was one of the best experiences of my political life. The Conservative, Jon Stevens – who later defected, had expected an easy ride but we ran him ragged and came very close. It provided a springboard for Labour’s victories in Slough, Reading East and Reading West in the 1997 General Election.”