In Life

On stage with Albion Terrace. 


John is married to Jane, who is a designer. He has two grown up children, 22 and 20 and a 15 year-old stepdaughter.


John likes:


  • Playing guitar and writing songs for his band, Albion Terrace.
  • Listening to music and going to see live music

    “My first love and great passion. My band plays loud, grungy blues influenced guitar-led rock music, but I listen to almost anything. The first records I bought were Rod Stewart’s ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ and Lindisfarne’s ‘Nicely Out of Tune’.  I still listen to Radio 1 and buy new music – indi-rock, Americana, blues, EDM, metal, some R&B pop, grime and rap even as well as a lot of folk and classical – I always prefer originals, but the Berlin Philharmonic are a great covers band.”

At the Madstad for Reading FC’s second promotion to the Premier League. A 1-0 win against Nottingham Forest. Terrible game, great result. Reading’s run to promotion had been remarkable – playing as much more than the sum of the parts.



  • Watching football, though he prefers live games to TV
  • Supporting Newcastle United – the family team since the 1890’s

    Home with my son, Jamie, at SJP 5 October 2002. NUFC 2 (both Shearer) WBA 1

    “My best childhood memories are being at St James’ Park with my Dad. We were season ticket holders for ten years. Football, and sport generally, create great moments in time – taking my son to his first Newcastle match was special as was taking my Dad to his last – on both occasions we won (Palace 1 NUFC 2 and NUFC 1 Blackburn 0 respectively) . Dad’s memorial is at St James’. For many years I followed Reading FC as my second ‘home’ team. I was a season ticket holder but would never call myself a ‘Royals fan’ – true football supporters will understand what I mean. I’m still proud to have helped the club in a minor way – football matters so much to so many people.”

  • Playing golf off around 18 – would rather play football, but these days …
  • Swimming 


  • Food – cooking it, eating it, entertaining friends with it and writing about it

    Venison loin on haggis with spinach, tatties and neeps with a port and blackcurrant reduction for Burns Nicht – John being 25% Scottish.

    “I learned to cook in the Scouts. People snigger when I say I was in the Scouts. I don’t know why, because I everything I learned has been useful. Schools don’t teach that stuff and parents can’t. I did the expeditions, the awards, the Gang Shows, the lot. In fact I’m a Queen’s Scout – so there!  These days you would never get me in a tent, or climbing a mountain but I still love to cook.”

Having Fun

  • Travelling. taking photographs and writing about it
  • Watching TV and movies
  • Writing, reading and having good company.

    “I make the assumption I only have one life, so it’s best to cram a lot in while you can.”