Alzheimer’s Research

There are different forms of dementia but the consequences are much the same.

Alzheimer’s dementia is the best known form and Alzheimer’s Research is a UK Charity that raises funds to research the causes and potential cures for this disease.

I support this cause for these reasons:

  • My mother, Freda, had dementia in the later years of her long life. You can read about it here in a piece I wrote on her birthday – which happened to be World Alzheimer’s Day. I know first hand how drastically dementia affects people – not just those with the disease, but their families, friends, neighbours and those who care for them.
  • There are lots of important causes, but dementia is underfunded by comparison to charities promoting research into many other diseases. That’s because it affects mainly, though not exclusively, the elderly. Freda wasn’t diagnosed until she was well into her 80s – and you have to die of something, don’t you? So heart disease, cancer and so on are simply easier asks.
  • Dementia, however, is a growing problem. We are living longer. As we do more people live with dementia. The costs of care are enormous and growing while the taxpayer base is shrinking. As a nation we have a problem – dementia costs.

While there are charities that do excellent work promoting awareness and approaches to dementia care, such as the Alzheimer’s Society, the goals that will produce the greatest potential gains are better understanding the causes so that dementia can be prevented and developing treatments that can stem or reverse the effects of the disease. So exactly as has been the case with cancer, research will produce the greatest long term benefit – for public health, individuals and the public purse.

You can find out more about Alzheimer’s Research here.

You can give to Alzhiemer’s research here