Britain in Europe

The founding principle of the European Union was to bring together the peoples of a continent that had been torn apart by catastrophic wars twice within 30 years and many times more over the preceding centuries.

Perhaps it is because I grew up with a family who had lived through both those wars and who had experienced the failures of the 1930s that I became acutely aware of the inevitability of Britain’s destiny being tied as, in reality, it has always been to continental Europe. I find the notion that Britain can in some way detach itself from the fortunes of Europe utterly absurd. That the notion has gained credence is alarming.

I fought three elections to the European Parliament for Labour. Twice I was tantalisingly close to being elected – in fact I’m probably the most unlucky EP candidate ever. But the main point for me is not being a representative, it’s seeing the right result for the politics I care about. I will continue to argue for Britain’s place in Europe and for a better European Union that serves the peoples of our continent and continues to deliver peace and prosperity. If there is a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU I will be working hard to make sure we say YES to Britain in Europe.

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Britain’s Place is in Europe