Fighting Cross Border Crime


After blustering for months about their intention to make life easier for criminals such as paedophiles, terrorists, drugs gangsters and human traffickers to avoid justice by opting the UK out of the European Arrest Warrant they finally saw sense.

“It’s good to know that the campaign for common sense on this modest measure has got through to this Government.”

John wrote to Chief Constables in South East England asking them to oppose the opt out and make their views known to the Government. He received assurances that the position of the Association of Chief Police Officers were opposed to the opt out and were communicating their position to the Home Secretary. 

“Theresa May had little option but to listen to Chiefs of Police up and down the land, but Labour had long since warned of the stupidity of opting out of a measure that keeps Britain safer, saves time and money and puts serious criminals behind bars,” said John.

However Conservative back-benchers were said to be “furious” that the Home Secretary had listened to the Police and justice campaigners rather than them.

Nonetheless, the Government still wants to opt Britain out of many other sensible measures that make life harder for criminals to avoid justice and operate across borders. Victims rights campaigner and Labour European candidate, Maggie Hughes, is backing the Justice Across Borders campaign ¬†that aims to ensure Britain remains within the EU’s crime and justice measures.