‘Official’ On-Line Rip-Offs


On-line rip off merchants are misleading UK citizens, ripping them off with extortionate charges for doing very little and the UK Government is doing nothing about it.

One of the services in question is the EU Health Card (EHIC) that gives British citizens the right to free treatment across the 27 other EU member states. It is available free from the NHS, but online you can pay £20 a time for the card from the rip-off merchants. Read the full story here.

John has written to the UK Government and the European Commission.

John says; “I’ve had an assurance from the Commission that action has and will continue to be taken against sites that use the EU logo, the European Flag or other official symbols in connection with commercial activities in connection with EHIC. However the issue of EHIC is delegated to Member State Government – so it is up to the UK Government to act.”

“It would seem that the UK Government is willing to let this sort of thing go ahead. While the online rip-off merchants claim they are providing a service, in reality they are exploiting the unaware. The UK Government can put a stop to this. They can quite easily control the on-line channels through which UK Passports, EHIC, Fishing Rod Licences and so on can be sold.

“Rip-off merchants can operate legally in the UK, not because of any EU rules, but because we let them. Simple as that. In fact we make it easier for them and it is about time the Government acted to protect UK consumers for a change.”